With our participation in this two-year exhibition in Paris, our company went out of the border. We were given the opportunity to present to the foreign professional public the wooden boxes of luxury we manufacture. Our products have received positive criticism for  their design, quality and realization have been considered European standards.

We have participated in the Packaging exhibition for many years and have managed to get to know the public through industrial packaging. For another year we participated in this exhibition where the audience had the opportunity to see at our booth a variety of luxury wooden boxes. We presented several new jobs as our customers give us the opportunity to continuously meet their different needs.

For the second consecutive year, our company participated in the Oenorama / Olive Arts exhibition with great success and with a very positive response from the world. A wide variety of wooden boxes was presented to both the winemakers and olive growers concerned, as well as to the general public who visited the exhibition.

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