Think Eco

PAPADEROS Company is engaged in the area of wood pallet recycling since 1988.

The word recycling derives from re+cycling (= restoring something to its initial state, putting it to make a cycle), that is the reuse of materials for the same purpose they had been made.

We may offer to you a great variety of used* pallets at various dimensions, controlled, standardized and at competitive prices.

Indicatively, we are mentioning to you that we have pallets of various dimensions and specifications, such as 80 x 120, 100 x 120, 110 x 130 and many other ones.

PAPADEROS Company is buying the wood pallets that you don’t need. It also has the know-how to repair your wood pallets. In this way, we help to save natural resources and energy, and maintain packaging cost at low levels as well.

* The availability of used products depends on the offer and demand prevailing in the market.