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PAPADEROS Company manufactures pallets with wood supplied from domestic market and from abroad (Central and Eastern Europe). The know-how and state-of-the-art-machinery our company is using ensure us an excellent quality of manufacture according to client’s requirements and specifications. Optionally all constructions may be subject to heat treatment on the basis of ISPM 15 standard (IPPC Standards)

Pallets are divided into pallets of 2 and 4 entries.

2 entry pallets 

are characterized by the fact that forklift may lift them only from their front or back side. Usually two entry pallets, instead of using wedges they use rafters. In certain standards the rafters have a formation allowing them to be handled from four sides.

4 entry pallets

are characterized by the fact that the forklift may lift them from their four sides. Pallets with four entries are most used because of their easy handling from all sides.