PAPADEROS Company by combining its long experience and specialization in the area of wood packaging,


Designs and manufactures: 

·        All types of wood crates,

·        Wood pallets,

·        Special wood  constructions

·        Luxury wood boxes,

All the above are made according to customer's specifications and special requirements.



·        Used wood pallets of standard or non standard dimensions (e.g. 80x120cm, 100x120cm, 110x130cm, CP pallets, etc).

·        Used wood crates,

·        Assemblable crates composed of pallet collars,

·        Wood (Round, Sawn, Packaging wood, Construction/Building Wood, for Roofs).      

·        Industrial wood  products,

·        Solid fuel  (pellet, briquettes, firewood) imported by  company,

·        Plastic pallets (new and used),

·        Packaging materials (Polyethylene (PE), Stretch Film, Dehumidifiers, Silica Gel Desiccant, Wad).