G. & V. PAPADEROS LIMITED COMPANY is engaging in the industry of wood packaging since 1968, with top specialization in the following areas:

·        Design and manufacturing of wood packaging means for heavy industrial uses and luxury wood packaging for  manufactured products;

·        Wood/timber processing.

Furthermore in the area of palettes and wood recycling   the company is one of the pioneering companies, having always as main priority among its activities to save resources and energy for environment’s benefit.

Since January 2006, the company is certified by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food in order to apply heat treatment process, in accordance with International Standard ISPM 15, to wood packaging products of own production or of its customers, in its own premises in Koropi.

Since January 2012, the company is engaged in the area of wooden luxury packaging of products addressing itself to companies demanding quality packaging for their products.

For company’s overall activity cycle, ACG (American Certification Group) suitability certificate has been granted for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management system.

During its long business course PAPADEROS Company’s clients   include companies which are leaders in their industry, satisfying each of their demand and creating high quality level packaging for their products.

Presently, the company constitutes a reference in the market having established itself thanks to its consequence, credibility and reliability.

The company constantly follows and stays updated on technological developments at global level, aiming at constant improvement on products and services it provides to its clients.